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Welcome to the Psychic Eye's Astrology Services Center.

Click on the desired chart for samples and purchase information.

All of the astrology charts & reports we offer may be printed and bound and can be picked up at your nearest (or preferred) Psychic Eye location, shipped to you via UPS, or e-mailed to you in PDF format. For one-sheet charts, we offer fax service.

The Psychic Eye also features professional astrologers on-site at each of our store locations who are available for chart interpretation, astrological readings or one-on-one instruction. These sessions can be booked the same way you'd schedule a regular reading. Visit the Psychic Readings section of this site for more information.

And now, a technical note for the hardcore Astrologers out there...

Charts and reports purchased from the Psychic Eye are computed using the Tropical Zodiac and the Koch House System.

If you have a preference for a different Zodiac (Heliocentric or Sidereal) or House System (Placidus, Equal, Campanus, Meridian, Porphyry, etc., etc.) for your charts and reports, please let us know in the Special Instructions section of our secure shopping cart, and we will be happy to oblige.
Natal Chart
Includes aspects.
Natal Chart
Includes aspects & asteroids.
Deluxe Natal Chart
Includes aspects & detailed information grids.
Natal Chart Interpretation Report
Approximately 30 page report interpreting included Natal Chart.
A Child's Report
Approximately 30 page report interpreting included Natal Chart, written for parents of young children.
Body & Soul Interpretation Report
Approximately 60 page analysis of your Zodiac's effect on your physical & psychological well-being.
Deluxe Relationship Compatibility Report
Approximately 70 page report analyzing included Composite, Synastry & Relationship Charts & Grids.
Forecast Report - Three Months
Approximately 30 page forecast report.
Forecast Report - Six Months
Approximately 60 page forecast report.
Forecast Report - Twelve Months
Approximately 80 page forecast report, includes detailed list of Transits.
Solar or Lunar Return Chart
Also available in multi-wheel format.
Progressed Chart
Also available in multi-wheel format.
Composite Chart
Also available in multi-wheel format.
Relationship Chart
Also available in multi-wheel format.
Synastry Grid
Combined data layout.
Multi-Wheel Charts (Bi/Tri/Quad Wheels)
Can include any charts.

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