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A Child's Report

Guide that child towards a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life!

The Psychic Eye Child's Report is like a very personalized instruction manual that will help parents - or anyone responsible for raising or educating a child - guide that child towards a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life.

At the instant of their birth, a child's natal chart (also included with this report) displays the potential, the natural talents and inclinations they embody. A properly interpreted chart will also identify possible pitfalls that, if not acknowledged and positively addressed, may impede or inhibit them as they grow.

Each paragraph in our report offers those responsible for a young life insights and direction that will help them confidently provide just the right blend of stimulation, direction and discipline the child requires to keep them moving along the right path.

The Psychic Eye Child's Report is approximately 30 pages long, and includes a Natal Chart.

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A Child's Report
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