[ Deanna Moondove ]

1943 - 2017
[ Deanna Moondove ]

Dear Friends,

I am very sorry to have to report that our friend and colleague
Deanna Shimada -- a psychic reader for over twenty years at our locations in Las Vegas -- passed away on Friday, November 18th, 2017.

Deanna is deeply mourned by everyone in the Psychic Eye family who had the privilege of working alongside her over the years, as well as by her many devoted clients, who have gone out of their way to express their heartfelt concern during her recent medical leave.

She was a lovely soul and consummate entertainer who always brightened our days with her warmth, smile and (dare I say wicked) sense of humor. Deanna's tales from her long, notable & storied history as a performer were ribald, hilarious and always a joy to be regaled with. As a psychic reader, her manner with her clients was always very caring, and served to assist and bring comfort to thousands throughout the years. We will all miss her very, very much.

All of our thoughts and sympathies are with her family and loved ones at this difficult time.

Deanna's family have set up a GoFundMe to assist with her medical expenses, which were unexpected. Any donations are appreciated in this time of need. Information about memorials and other services will be posted as they are announced.

In the meantime, messages may be left on our Facebook page or emailed to me. I will make sure that they are all conveyed to her family and loved ones.

~ Chris Watkins

     General Manager

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Deanna Shimada (known professionally as Moondove) was widely recognized in artistic and entertainment circles for nearly fifty years.

With her husband, the renowned illusionist Haruo Shimada, Deanna travelled the globe, entertaining millions. Eventually settling in Las Vegas, they headlined the Riviera & other local properties, worked as Liberace's opening act for several years, and made national television appearances on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin and others. Their legendary act is still revered in the magic community.

Along the way, Deanna honed her psychic abilities & reading skills. Always interested in the occult & metaphysical arts, Deanna found her talents to include palmistry, Tarot cards, numerology and graphology in tandem with her intuitve gifts. She always believed that her work in this field was a way of communicating with people to encourage them to reach their full potential, and to discover hidden abilities & talents, and she found great personal fulfillment in this.

While working with her clients and in dealing with life in general, Deanna always told us that "every day of life can be magic."

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[ Deanna & Shimada ]

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"Until we meet again."

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