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"The Master Book Of Herbalism"
by Paul Beyerl

Out of the hundreds of herbal guides, this book is one of the few that includes serious treatment of the realm of magickal herbalism along with basic information on the physical properties of various plants. This is a wonderful sourcebook with a wealth of information on the ritual uses of herbs. It is not only enjoyable to read, but its numerous chapters and appendices with alphabetical listings makes it easy to use. 415 pages.

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"A Compendium Of Herbal Magick"
by Paul Beyerl

The most comprehensive and all-inclusive book on the magical and religious uses of herbs ever published. 330 herbs covered in detail with over 100 illustrations. 528 pages.

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"Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs"
by Scott Cunningham

Scott Cunningham's book has a lit the sparks of inspiration for a great many herbalists seeking further knowledge. Considered an essential reference book by students of herbalism and magick alike, the lore within this book is enjoyable to read and the knowledge is sound. 322 pages.

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"Magic Of Herbs"
by Donna Rose

Herbs and rituals to stop interference in your life by others, prevent curses, get a new job, win at gambling, etc. 28 pages.

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