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"Voodoo Handbook Of Cult Secrets"
by Anna Riva

Easy to read and understand! Excellent introduction to the terminology and uses of materials. Amulets, anointing oils, Black Mass, candles, chants, charms, curses, dolls, exorcism, washes, roots and herbs, incense, minerals, seals, and more! 48 pages.

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"The Santeria Experience"
by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

A definitive treatise about a religious magical cult that reputedly has millions of indoctrinated followers in the Caribbean Islands, South America, and Latin sectors of the United States. The author gives vivid first hand descriptions of exotic rituals that are instructive and fascinating. 228 pages.

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"Voodoo Charms And Talismans"
by Robert Pelton

Learn to make your own talismans, concoct yor own love potions, win at games of chance, summon spirits. 142 pages.

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"Famous Voodoo Rituals & Spells"
by H.U. Lampe

Hundreds of Voodoo ritual materials described in full with exact instructions for their use. Voodoo dolls, powders, oils, potions, incense, herbs, candles, charms, waters, baths, talismans, gris gris and much, much more! Secrets of voodoo queens and medicine men exposed. 58 pages.

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"Powers Of The Orishas"
by Migene Gonzalez-Wippler

This book will give much of the information about the Orishas that many people interested in Santeria are looking for. It was written with the express purpose of telling those interested the symbols, foods, colors, likes and dislikes of the Orishas. 140 pages.

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"Santeria: The Cuban-African Magical System"
by Donna Rose

Initiation, Gods, necklaces, reading of the coconut shells and seashells, the Seven African Powers and spells are all discussed. 44 pages.

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